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18 Dec: Are Tattoos in the Workplace Still Taboo?

Turn on the television at any given time you will probably either find a reality show about tattoos, or a celebrity flaunting his or her body art. Even the famous tattoo artist, Ed Hardy, has a popular clothing and perfume line. Indeed, tattooing has become one of the fastest growing industries in the United States, successfully appealing toward the mainstream culture.

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11 Nov: Hotel Rooms Go Keyless With Smartphone Apps

The hotel room key card may become as obsolete as the brass room key it replaced. Door lock vendors have developed the technology to let smartphones function as keys, and the hotel industry is starting to experiment with it.

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10 Oct: Should Your Hotel Offer Free Wifi

In this day and age consumers have come to expect free WiFi to be accessible wherever they go, connecting WiFi enabled devices at their convenience has become a must have.

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08 Sep: State Ban the Box Laws

Fair chance policies benefit everyone! The laws often referred to as “ban the box” laws motivate employers to consider job candidates based on the applicant’s qualifications without the humiliation of the criminal record.

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20 Aug: The incredible shrinking hotel room

Smaller hotel rooms – larger common areas; some hotels are reducing the size of their rooms immensely instead putting the emphasis on multiple and larger common areas.