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12 Jun: Proactive Savings on Investment

One of the main obstacles preventing risk management systems from having more of a priority in the hospitality industry is the perceived lack of measurable return on investment (ROI). All business owners want an ROI on everything they spend time or money on.

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04 Apr: Startling Facts About Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is deadly behavior. It consistently ranks as one of the traffic safety issues at the forefront of many drivers’ thinking. Distraction contributes to more than 3,000 traffic fatalities each year. BLR points out some startling statistics below.

CO Poisoning

05 Mar: Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Your Hotel

While carbon monoxide poisoning at hotels is extremely rare, dire outcomes serve as a reminder of how serious an issue it is. Hotel owners and operators should practice regular maintenance and checks on equipment and systems to ensure the highest standards of guest safety.


23 Feb: Medical Marijuana and Hotels

For some time, the subject of Medical Marijuana has been a serious issue discussed throughout the United States. As of right now, 23 states have legalized the usage of the drug for medicinal purposes only, with more to come probably.