Cars Least Likely to Be Stolen in 2019

cars least likely to be stolen in 2019

By David DeMoss

You walk outside and your worst nightmare comes true — your car has been stolen. While this scenario is never 100% inevitable, there are various prevention methods that can considerably decrease the chances of vehicle theft. This includes car alarms, micro-chipped keys, devices that immobilize some part of the vehicle (such as a steering wheel or brake lock), or hidden kill switches. In addition, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has come up with a list of vehicles least likely to be stolen in 2019, including some Subarus, Teslas, Chevrolets, BMWs, and more. More details from Elana Ashanti Jefferson, below.

They say there’s never a good time for car trouble.

That statement holds doubly true for grand theft auto, which accounted for roughly $6 million in losses in 2018, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

Although vehicle theft has been generally trending downward in recent years, insurance experts warn that thieves become increasingly clever over time. There are several methods and tools employed by today’s car and truck bandits including smashing windows, breaking into vehicles with a “slim jim,” jump-starting vehicles, or using a key-cloning kit.

Fortunately for today’s vehicle owners, there are a number of prevention methods that greatly undercut the likelihood that their car, truck or motorcycle will be stolen. Some of them include:

  • Car alarms;
  • Devices that immobilize some part of the vehicle, such as a steering wheel or brake pedal lock;
  • Micro-chipped keys without which the steering wheel locks in place or the ignition is disabled; and
  • Hidden kill switches that can cut the vehicle’s power.

Another option for vehicle owners is to seek out automobiles that have statistically been less likely to attract thieves.

Today we follow-up our story about the most likely vehicles to be stolen in 2019 with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Highway Loss Data Institute’s list of vehicles that are least likely to be stolen by today’s auto thieves.

Click through the slideshow above to learn about this year’s least popular vehicles for theft, based on relative claim frequency. Claim frequency figures are based on a 100 average.

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